Dr. Tierney and Dr. Kuang introduce their Beach Ready series. Get ready in fashion to be seen active, vibrant and healthy at the beach or any outdoor activity you enjoy. This is not like any other weight loss management system out there. This system is guided by a doctor of chiropractic who has competed competitively in natural bodybuilding.
At the beginning of this 6 week intensive series, Doctors Tierney and Kuang will take a baseline of your height and weight. Then every week there will be mini workshops to increase your awareness for effective and healthy weight loss and management. Some of the topics in this workshop are effective weight loss exercises to jumpstart your summer, appropriate diet and detox and revealing specific organs that inhibit individuals to fail at maintaining their healthy weight. Because the beach ready series is part of our "Biggest Loser" program at Atlantic Chiropractic Center, the game is on! The individual to lose the most weight in percentage fat loss per body, you will receive 4, yes four, one hour massages.
Do not start any new physical program or diet without a doctor's recommendation. What better place to start than at Atlantic Chiropractic. Get started with Doctors Tierney and Kuang than with a complementary consultation. (
for new patients only) For established patients, receive a free half hour massage with your next paid chiropractic visit.

Time: 6:30
Fee: $120
Day: Wed

Dates: May 6, 12, 20, 27 June 3, 10